Custom Cycle Parts

Rat Bastard Cycles is a custom cycle shop that specializes in unique motorcycle modifications, rebuilds and one offs. After years of fabrication work for our hot rods, bobbers and choppers, we decided to start making our parts available to you.

We are just starting to put our stuff out there, so we’ll be adding more to our list of available parts for sale. Everything is custom made in our shop, not manufactured in other countries and then sold as our own, like so many other “custom” shops. We are based here in the Phoenix valley and we take HUGE pride in our high quality pieces! As you will also see, our prices are great, too!

If you have an idea for a custom part for your own bike or hotrod, get with us and we’ll work together to make your piece a reality at a reasonable price.

(480) 773-8310 or (480) 233-5219
435 W Manhatton Dr.
Phoenix, AZ 85282

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